VCLR – Serendipity 2016: Home and Away

Our speakers for this year’s Serendipity event have been recognized by awards for literary excellence and by passionate readers for their integrity, creativity and commitment to the growth of imagination and conscience in childhood. They write fantasy and science fiction, historical and realistic fiction for all ages of childhood and young adulthood, and they share an imaginative exploration of a real address—a sense of home and identity, cultural, national, personal—whether these homes are constructed realities, historical periods, or the Canadian here and now.

This year’s speakers included M.T. Anderson, Maggie DeVries, Sarah Ellis, Gregory McGuire, Jean Little, Cynthia Nugent and Kit Pearson.

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Preceding this event, The Serendipity Gala celebrated the lifetime accomplishments of Judith Saltmanchildren’s librarian, University professor, chair of the Master of Arts in Children’s Literature program at UBC, academic author, children’s literature author, outspoken advocate of children’s literature, and dear friend to many.

Judi retired in May 2016, our many entertaining speakers shared their personal experiences as friends and peers of Judi throughout her long history of involvement with children’s literature. The evening gave a unique opportunity to hear about Judi’s achievements (and escapades) and to meet many of North America’s acclaimed authors and illustrators as well as several of our Serendipity speakers.

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