Faculty Publications

Alison Acheson

Alison writes for children in several formats and genres, including picture books, juvenile fiction and young adult novels.

  • 19 Things: A Book of Lists for Me (forthcoming)  Toronto: Pearson Canada, 2014
  • The Cul-de-Sac Kids.  Vancouver: Tradewind Books, 2012
  • Molly’s Cue.  Regina: Coteau Books, 2010.
  • Grandpa’s Music: A Story About Alzheimer’s.  Ill. Bill Farnsworth. Morton Grove, IL: Albert Whitman & Co., 2009.
  • Mud Girl.  Regina: Coteau Books, 2006.
  • Learning to Live Indoors.  Ottawa: Porcupine’s Quill, 1998.
  • The Half-Pipe Kidd.  Regina: Coteau Books, 1997.
  • Thunder Ice.  Regina: Coteau Books, 1996.

Marlene Asselin

Marlene publishes in multiple and new literacies, reading and school libraries. For a full listing, see lled.educ.ubc.ca/lled-faculty/current-faculty/marlene-asselin

Below is a selection of publications relating to reading and literacies.

  • Asselin, Marlene. “Confronting Assumptions: Preservice Teachers’ Beliefs about Reading and Literature.” Reading Psychology, 21.1 (2000): 31-57.
  • Asselin, Marlene. “Independent Reading in the Classroom: Starting Points for Partnerships with Teachers.” School Libraries in Canada 18.3 (1999): 5-9.
  • Asselin, Marlene and M. Moayeri. “Examining Adolescent Internet Literacy Practices: An Exploration of Research Methods.” Journal of Theory and Practice in Education 6.2 (2010): 191-210.
  • Asselin, Marlene and Ray Doiron. “Supporting Literacy in Ethiopia through Libraries and Reading Rooms.” Bookmark 49.3 (2009): 1 – 4.
  • Asselin, Marlene and Victor Froese. “Reading in Canada with a Focus on British Columbia.” In Reading Literacy: History, Curriculum, and Research, edited by C. Papanastasiou and V. Froese, 11-41. Cypress, Greece: Cypress University Press, 2002.
  • Asselin, Marlene, and T. Dobson, E. Meyers, C. Teixiera, and L. Ham. “Learning from YouTube: An Analysis of Information Literacy in User Discourse.” Proceedings from iConference 2011, February 8-11, 2011, Seattle, WA.
  • Doiron, Ray and Marlene Asselin. “Building a Culture for Reading in a Multicultural, Multilingual World.” Paper presented at the Annual Conference of the International Federation for Library Associations, Gotenburg, Sweden, August 7 – 11, 2010. http://www.ifla.org/files/hq/papers/ifla76/133-dioron-en.pdf
  • Doiron, Ray and Marlene Asselin, eds. Literacy, Libraries and Learning: Using Books and Online Resources to Promote Reading, Writing and Research. Toronto, ON: Pembroke, 2005.

Maggie de Vries

Maggie writes for children and adults in many genres, and has received numerous awards and award nominations for her writing. A selection follows.

Writing for Children and Adults

  • Rabbit Ears – Teen novel. HarperCollins, 2014.
  • Big City Bees – Picture book. Illustrated by Renne Benoit, Greystone, 2012.
  • Somebody’s Girl – Chapter Book, Orca, 2011.
  • Hunger Journeys – Teen historical novel. HarperCollins, 2010.
  • Fraser Bear – Picture book. Illustrated by Renné Benoit. Greystone, 2010.
  • Tale of a Great White Fish – Picture book. Illustrated by Renné Benoit. Greystone, 2006.
  • Missing Sarah – Adult non-fiction. Penguin. 2003. New edition with new material added, July 2008.
  • How Sleep Found Tabitha – Picture book. Illustrated by Sheena Lott. Orca, 2002.
  • Chance and the Butterfly – Chapter book. Orca Book Publishers, 2001. New edition, 2011.
  • Once Upon a Golden Apple – Picture book, co-authored with Jean Little. Illustrated by Phoebe Gilman. Penguin, 1991.

Margot Filipenko

Margot publishes in literacies and reading. A selection follows.

  • Ahn, Jiryung, and Margot Filipenko. “Narrative, Imaginary Play, Art, and Self: Intersecting Worlds.” Early Childhood Education Journal 34.2 (2007): 279-89.
  • Asselin, Marlene, Margaret Early, and Margot Filipenko. “Accountability, Assessment, and the Literacies of Information and Communication Technologies.” Canadian Journal of Education 29.1 (2006): 670-89.
  • Asselin, Marlene, T. Teferra, Geoff Williams, J. Pletz, Margot Filipenko, and Teresa Dobson, T. “Young Children’s Perceptions of Everyday Literacies: A Collaborative Research Project in Ethiopia and Canada.” Paper presented at the 7th Pan African Reading Conference, Botswana, July 11 – 14, 2011.
  • Chapman, Marilyn, Margot Filipenko, Marianne McTavish, and Jon Shapiro. “First Graders’ Preferences for Narrative and/or Information Books and Perception of Other Boys’ and Girls’ Book Preferences.” Canadian Journal of Education 30.2 (2007): 531-53.
  • Filipenko, Margot, E. Lee, and Margot Asselin. “Sharing the Chalk: Teaching Reading Strategies Proficient Readers Use Worldwide.” Workshop presented at the 7th Pan African Reading Conference, Botswana, July 11 – 14, 2011.

Rick Gooding

Rick publishes in contemporary children’s and young adult literature. For a full listing, see http://blogs.ubc.ca/rgooding/publication/

  • Bieber, Ada, and Richard Gooding “Streams of Consciousness: The Downriver Narrative in Young Adult Fiction.”  International Research in Children’s Literature 13.1 (2020): 61-75.
  • Gooding, Richard. “Our Posthuman Adolescence: Dystopia, Information Technologies, and the Construction of Subjectivity in M.T. Anderson’s Feed.”  Blast, Corrupt, Dismantle, Erase: Contemporary North American Dystopian Literature. Eds. Brett Grubisic, Tara Lee, and Gisèle Baxter. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2014. 111-127.
  •  Gooding, Richard.  “Clockwork: Philip Pullman’s Posthuman Fairy Tale.” Children’s Literature in Education 42 (2011): 308 – 324.
  •  Gooding, Richard. “‘Something Very Old and Very Slow’: Coraline, Uncanniness, and Narrative Form.” Children’s Literature Association Quarterly 33 (2008): 390 – 407.

Maureen Kendrick


  • Sanford, K., Rogers, T., & Kendrick, M. (2014). (Eds.). Youth literacies in new times: Everywhere, everyday. Springer [Cultural Studies and Transdisciplinarity in Education Book Series].
  • Anderson, J., Kendrick, M., Rogers, T., & Smythe, S. (Eds.). (2005). Portraits of literacy across families, communities, and schools: Intersections and tensions. Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. 398 pages.
  • Kendrick, M. (2003). Converging worlds: Play, literacy, and culture in early childhood. Bern, Switzerland: Peter Lang. 203 pages.


  • Kendrick, M. (in press). The affordances and challenges of visual methodologies in literacy studies. In J. Rowsell & K. Pahl, The Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies.
  • Kendrick, M., Early, M., & Chemjor, W. (2014). Youth Literacies in Kenya and Canada: Lessons Learned from a Global Learning Network Project. In K. Sanford, T. Rogers, & M. Kendrick. Everywhere, Everyday: Youth Literacies in New Times. Springer Publishers.
  • Namazzi, E., & Kendrick, M. (2014). The use of multilingual cultural resources in child-headed households in Uganda. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 35(7), 724-737 [special issue].
  • Kendrick, M., & Rowsell, J. (2013). The visual turn: Transitioning into visual approaches to literacy education. In Susan Elliot-Johns & Daniel Jarvis (Eds.), Perspectives on Transitions in Schooling and Instructional Practice (pp. 320-346). Toronto, ON: University of Toronto Press. (26 ms. pages).
  • Abiria, D., Early, M., & Kendrick, M. (2013). Plurilingual pedagogical practices in a policy constrained context: A rural Ugandan case study. TESOL Quarterly, 47(3), 567-590 [special issue].
  • Andema, S., Kendrick, M., & Norton, B. (2013). Digital literacy in Ugandan teacher education: Insights from a case study. Reading & Writing, 4(1), 8 pages.
  • Kendrick, M., Early, M., & Chemjor, W. (2013). Integrated Literacies in a Rural Kenyan Girls’ Secondary School Journalism Club. Research in the Teaching of English. (Special issue on writing in international contexts), 47(4), 391-419. [article received the NCTE 2013 Alan C. Purves Award]
  • Rowsell, J., & Kendrick, M. (2013). Boys’ Hidden Literacies: The Critical Need for the Visual. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 56(7), 587-599.
  • Kendrick, M., Rowsell, J., & Collier, D. (2013). Guest Editors, special issue. New literacies in Canadian classrooms: Introduction. Language & Literacy, 15(1).

Eric Meyers

Eric publishes in new media and social networking for children and young adults, virtual worlds for children, as well as information behaviour of youth. For a full listing, see faculty.arts.ubc.ca/emeyers/

  • Meyers, Eric. “Hanging Out on the Grid: Virtual Worlds for Teens and Preteens.” In Teens, Libraries and Social Networking: What Librarians Need to Know, edited by D. Agosto and J. Abbas, 133-150. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2011.
  • Meyers, Eric. “Tip of the Iceberg: Meaning, Identity and Literacy in Preteen Virtual Worlds.” Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 50.4 (2009): 226-36.
  • Meyers, Eric, K.E. Fisher, and E.L. Marcoux. “Making Sense of an Information World: The Everyday Life Information Behavior of Preteens.” Library Quarterly 79.3 (2009): 301-41.
  • Meyers, Eric, L.P. Nathan, and K. Unsworth. “Who’s Watching Your Kids? Privacy and Surveillance in Virtual Worlds for Children.” Journal of Virtual Worlds Research 3.3 (2010).

Theresa Rogers

Theresa publishes in literacy education as well as in the area of young adult literature and literary theory (see www.theresarogers.ca for full listing).  She is a reviewer of children’s and young adult literature for The New Advocate and Publisher’s Weekly.

Below are recent publications related to young adult literature:

  • Rogers, Theresa. “Understanding in the Absence of Meaning: Coming of Age Novels of the Holocaust.” The New Advocate 15.3 (2002): 259-266.
  • Rogers, Theresa and Marshall, Elizabeth. “On the Road: Examining Self-representation, Youth and Discourses of Homelessness in Young Adult Literature.” Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy. (in press)
  • Rogers, Theresa with Laura Dunford, Mollie Freilich, Megan Lankford, Marilyn Rivers-Bowerman, Vasiliki Tassiopoulos, Karen Taylor, Kay Weisman and Beth Wilcox. “Looking for Canada: Places and Cultural Spaces in Recent Fiction for Adolescents.” Jeunesse: Young People. Texts, Cultures 2.1 (Summer 2010): 188-202.
  • Soter, Anna O., Mark Faust, and Theresa Rogers, eds. Interpretive Play: Using Critical Perspectives to Teach Young Adult Literature. Norwood, MA: Christopher-Gordon, 2007.

Judith Saltman

Judith publishes in Canadian children’s literature and publishing for children. For a full listing, see faculty.arts.ubc.ca/jsaltman/publications.html

Selected publications follow:

Academic Writing

  • Edwards, Gail and Judith Saltman. “Looking at Ourselves, Looking at Others: Multiculturalism in Canadian Children’s Picturebooks in English.” Website of the conference papers, Vol III: The History of Book in Canada Open Conference, 2002, Vancouver, November (www.hbic.library.utoronto.ca/vol.3edwardssaltman-en.htm)
  • Edwards, Gail and Judith Saltman. Picturing Canada: A History of Canadian Children’s Illustrated Books and Publishing. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2010
  • Egoff, Sheila and Judith Saltman. The New Republic of Childhood: A Critical Guide to Canadian Children’s Literature in English. Toronto, ON: Oxford University Press Canada, 1990
  • Lepage, Francoise, Judith Saltman and Gail Edwards. “Children’s Authors and Their Markets.” In The History of the Book in Canada. Volume Three, 1918-1980, edited by Carole Gerson and Jacques Michon, 145-53. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007.
  • Pouliot, Suzanne, Judith Saltman and Gail Edwards. “Publishing for Children.” In The History of the Book in Canada. Volume Three, 1918-1980, edited by Carole Gerson and Jacques Michon, 216-26. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2007.
  • Saltman, Judith. “Canadian Children’s Literature at the Millennium.” In Windows and Words: A Look at Canadian Children’s Literature in English, edited by Aida Hudson and Susan Cooper, 23-34. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2003.
  • Saltman, Judith. “Harry Potter’s Family Tree.” Journal of Youth Services 15, no. 3 (Spring 2002): 22-26.
  • Saltman, Judith. “The Jewish Experience in Canadian Children’s Literature.” CCL: Canadian Children’s Literature/Litterature canadienne pour la jeunesse 115-116 (Fall-Winter 2004): 105-43.
  • Saltman, Judith. Modern Canadian Children’s Books. Perspectives on Canadian Culture. Toronto: Oxford University Press Canada, 1987.
  • Saltman, Judith. “Once Upon a Time: Canadian Children’s Picture Book Illustration.” CCL: Canadian Children’s Literature/Litterature canadienne pour la jeunesse 51 (1988): 51-65.
  • Saltman, Judith. “The Ordinary and the Fabulous: Canadian Fantasy Literature for Children.” In Worlds of Wonder: Readings in Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, edited by Jean-Francois Leroux and Camille R. La Bossiere, 189-200. Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2004.
  • Saltman, Judith, ed. The Riverside Anthology of Children’s Literature (6th ed). Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1985.
  • Saltman, Judith and Gail Edwards. “Elizabeth Cleaver, William Toye and Oxford University Press: Creating the Canadian Picturebook.” Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada 42, no. 1 (Spring 2004): 31-64.
  • Saltman, Judith and Gail Edwards. “Towards a History of Design in Canadian Children’s Illustrated Books.” CCL: Canadian Children’s Literature/Litterature canadienne pour la jeunesse 107 (Fall 2002): 10-41.

Writing for Children

  • Saltman, Judith. Goldie and the Sea. Illustrated by Kim LaFave. Toronto, ON: Groundwood Books, 1987. (Children’s Picture Book)

Rhea Tregebov

Rhea writes for children and adults in many genres and publishes literary translations.

Writing for Children

Picture Books

  • Tregebov, Rhea. The Big Storm. Illustrated by Maryanne Kovalski. Toronto: Kids Can Press, 1992.
    Enfouie sous la Neige. Trans. Cécile Gagnon. Toronto: Scholastic Canada, 1992.
    American publication. New York: Hyperion, 1993.
  • Tregebov, Rhea. The Extraordinary Ordinary Everything Room. Illustrated by Hélène Desputeaux. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1991.
    La Chambre aux Tresors. Trans. to the French. Montréal: Éditions Pierre Tisseyre, 1991.
    Det fantastiske helt almindelige altmuligværelse. Trans. Sanne Lyhne. Copenhagen, Denmark: Modtryk, 1991.
  • Tregebov, Rhea. Sasha and the Wind. Illustrated by Hélène Desputeaux. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1996.
    Tempête et Chocolat Chaud. Trans. Cécile Gagnon. Toronto: Scholastic Canada, 1996.
  • Tregebov, Rhea. Sasha and the Wiggly Tooth. Illustrated by Hélène Desputeaux. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1993.
    Sasha et la Dent Qui Branle. Trans. Cécile Gagnon. Toronto: Scholastic Canada, 1993.
  • Tregebov, Rhea. What-If Sara. Illustrated by Leanne Franson. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1999.

Writing for Adults


  • The Knife Sharpener’s Bell. Regina: Coteau Books, 2009.


  • (alive): Selected and new poems. Toronto: Wolsak & Wynn, 2004.
  • Mapping the Chaos. Montreal: Signal Editions/Véhicule Press, 1995 (reprinted 1998).
  • No One We Know. Toronto: Aya/Mercury Press, 1986.
  • The Proving Grounds. Montreal: Signal Editions/Véhicule Press, 1991.
  • Remembering History. Montreal: Guernica Editions, 1982.
  • The Strength of Materials. Toronto: Wolsak & Wynn, 2001 (reprinted 2004).


  • Arguing with the Storm: Stories by Yiddish Women Writers. Editor and co-translator (co-translated 12 of 14 stories). Introduction by Kathryn Hellerstein. New York: The Feminist Press, City University of New York, 2008.
  • Cortázar, Julio. “Preamble to instructions for winding a watch.” Trans. from the Spanish. Sonntag, Patti and Grant Loewen. Moosemilk: the Best of Moosehead from 1977 to 1999, Montreal: DC Books, 1999: 97.
  • García Lorca, Federico. “Romance Sonámbulo,” translation from Spanish. Malahat Review 164 (Fall 2008): 50–52.
  • Hamer-Jacklyn, Sarah. “No More Rabbi!,” co-translation from the Yiddish with Roz Usiskin of the short story “Oys rebel.” Pakn Treger 56 (Spring 2008): 36–43.
  • Neruda, Pablo. “Poetry,” translation from the Spanish “Poesía.” Broadside for the League of Canadian Poets, 1999.
  • La Traductière, “Questions de Rythme” 14, Paris, France, octobre 1996, translations from the French of the following poems: “Magnetic Scarce Loved” [“Aimantée Peu Aimée”] 11, and “A Scoter Stretches and Sets…” [Une Foulque Etire et Pose…”] 13, by Frans De Haes (Belgium); “Her Heart on Fire…” [“Elle a Le Coeur en Feu…”] 20, and “He Tells Her, You’re Beautiful,” [“Il Lui Dit Tu es Belle Pour Ton Age…”] 22 by Louise Desjardins (Canada); “With His Black,” [Avec son Noir] Josée Lapeyrère (France), 37; “Year of the Dragon,” [“L’Année du Dragon”] 43 and “Night Bird,” [“Oiseau de Nuit”] 44 by Emmanuel Moses (France); “The Dog of Remembrance Tugging,” [“Le Chien de la Memoire Tirant”] by Jean-Pierre Siméon (France) 48.

Anthologies (editor, co-editor)

  • Frictions: Short Fiction by Canadian Women. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1989.
  • Frictions II: Short Fiction by Canadian Women. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1993.
  • Gifts: Poems for Parents. Toronto: Sumach Press, 2002.
  • Intersections: Fiction and Poetry from the Banff Centre for the Arts. Ed. with Edna Alford. Banff: Banff Publishing Centre, 2000.
  • A Long Life of Making: Poems from the Pat Lowther Memorial Award Winners. Charlottetown: Ragweed/gynergy press, 2000.
  • Meltwater: Fiction and Poetry from the Banff Centre for the Arts. Ed. with Rachel Wyatt, Edna Alford and Don McKay. Banff: Banff Publishing Centre, 1999.
  • Rip Rap: Fiction and Poetry from the Banff Centre for the Arts. Ed., with Rachel Wyatt, Edna Alford and Don McKay. Banff: Banff Publishing Centre, 1999.
  • Sudden Miracles: Eight Women Poets. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1991.
  • Work in Progress: Building Feminist Culture. Toronto: The Women’s Press, 1987.


  • “Chepo, Panama,” “Small Ceremonies.” Malahat Review 146 (May 2004): 50–52.
  • “Courtroom, Oshawa.” Canadian Association of Provincial Court Judges Newsletter 5.1 (May 2011): 17.
  • “Family Dinners: Gordie.” Public Lending Right Podcast. Web. 4–11 Apr. 2011.
  • “Family Dinners: Gordie,” “Family Dinners: Accident,” “Family Dinners: Salt & Pepper.” Maisonneuve Issue 35 (Spring 2010): 52–55.
  • “Family Dinners: Harvest.” The New Quarterly forthcoming Fall 2012.
  • “Family Dinners: Salt and Pepper.” League of Canadian Poets. Web. 12 Apr. 2011.
  • “Land Claims, Jericho Beach,” “Land Claims, Mulmur County,” “Not a Mark,” “Puzzle Box.” Event. 38.1 (Spring/Summer 2009): 44–47.
  • “Leaving Toronto,” “The New House.” Event 40.1 (Spring/Summer 2011): 64–65.
  • “Lee Valley Tools.” Parliamentary Poet Laureate Poem of the Week. Web. Aug. 2007.
  • “Provenance,” “Allspice.” Wascana Review 42.2. Web. May 2011. “Le Temps des Cerises,” “Party.” Prairie Fire 32:3 (Autumn 2011): 58–60.
  • “Random.” Grain 35.1 (Summer 2007): 62.

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