Creative Writing Courses Application Procedures

Students accepted into the MACL Program who wish to take Creative Writing courses, please email MACL faculty Emily Pohl-Weary of the Creative Writing Program to submit a sample of creative work for purposes of placement. Those students considering a creative project for their MACL thesis should contact Emily or Maggie de Vries (currently teaching in the on-line Optional Residency Creative Writing Program) and discuss feasibility. Both of these faculty members will be present for the annual thesis information evening, offering you the opportunity to meet them. Don’t hesitate to email for contact and questions. or

Application Procedures for Creative Writing Workshops

The UBC Creative Writing Program invites MACL students to apply to join the Creative Writing 503 (6 credits) Advanced Writing for Children workshop or the undergraduate Creative Writing 403 workshop (3 credits and offered in several sections during both fall and winter terms—see Creative Writing site for schedule and instructors for 403). Students taking the undergraduate (CRWR 403) course will be credited with a 500 level graduate number.

Both courses meet for two hours weekly; CRWR 503 normally has a maximum of 12 and CRWR 403 a maximum of 14 students. Creative Writing workshop classes are designed so that students generate original writing for children, which is peer workshopped by class members, as well as the instructor.

While spaces are reserved in CRWR 403 and 503 for MACL students, they fill quickly in these small workshop classes. Students wishing to register must submit a sample portfolio of writing to faculty member Emily Pohl-Weary, who will allocate the seats. The CRWR Program will then inform students, and register them in the appropriate course and section. Once these seats are taken, MACL students can apply in July to the course instructor if any seats remain open.  Students do not register for 403 or 503 on their own.

Sample manuscripts can consist of a single picturebook or short story, or a chapter of a novel, or selection of poetry. (Or other genres—email the instructor.) Page count is not important, but it would be good to see something that consists of a beginning, middle and end, and that can be achieved in as few as 2 or 3 pages. Please send to Emily Pohl-Weary at

Your cover letter should identify you as either an applicant to the MACL Program, accepted into the MACL Program, or a current MACL student. Please provide information on your educational and creative writing background (if applicable), as well as any publications and awards. Work should be intended for children and young adults.


MACL students can also take a 300-level CRWR for children and young adults course, CRWR 303A (3) Intermediate Writing for Children and Young Adults. This is offered only at the 300 level, not at the 400 or 500 level, and is intended for those who wish to learn more about the creative writing process, but could not gain access to CRWR 403/503. Students who are or have enrolled in CRWR 403/503 may not take 303A for credit toward the degree. It includes a web-based lecture portion and a workshop/seminar portion. Students do not need to submit a portfolio. MACL students can self-register for CRWR 303; those who do not meet the prerequisites may still register by contacting Heather Miller, Interim Undergraduate Advisor for the Creative Writing Program at

Other Creative Writing Workshops

MACL students who wish to apply for other graduate and undergraduate workshops in the Creative Writing Program should consult the Creative Writing Program website for information on workshops in Fiction, Poetry, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Writing for Television, Graphic Novel, New Media, Lyric & Libretto, Translation, and others. Note that priority for enrolment in these courses is given to MFA students or Majors in the Creative Writing Program, so space is normally limited. MACL students must apply for permission for these courses as well and submit writing samples in the applicable genre to the instructor. Contact Emily Pohl-Weary for more details. If such courses are taken, they are above credit and are not applied to the MACL degree.



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