Course Registration

Upon being accepted to the program, please speak with the MACL program chair about your interests and relevant courses to ensure the best course registration experience and to address any questions or concerns.

Step 1: Review the Degree Requirements to ensure you are aware of the categories that your courses must fulfil. We recommend that you contact the Program Chair with any questions or concerns as early as possible.

Step 2: Please familiarize yourself with UBC’s course registration system. We recommend reviewing the following resources for any questions:

  • Registration: Advice and procedures for registration and its deadlines, as well as Student Service Centre (SSC) login help
  • UBC Enrollment: Comprehensive resources on tuition, awards, courses, records, etc.
  • UBC Graduate Student Society – Newly Admitted: More resources for students new to UBC, geared towards specifically addressing graduate student concerns, such as graduate student housing, funding, and orientation.

Current Courses

School of Information Course Offerings

School of Creative Writing Course Offerings

Language and Literacy Education Course Offerings

Department of English Course Offerings


Previously Offered Courses

For a full list of current courses, please cross-reference this list with the Course Schedule in the UBC Student Service Centre. If you find a course not on this list, but relevant to your studies, contact the Program Chair.

School of Creative Writing, Faculty of Arts

  • CRWR 303 and CRWR 353: Writing for Children and Young Adults
  • CRWR 403: Writing for Children and Young Adults
  • CRWR 453: Writing the Young Adult Novel
  • CRWR 503: Advanced Writing for Children and Young Adults

Department of English, Faculty of Arts

  • ENGL 392 (3) Children’s Literature

Department of Language and Literacy Education, Faculty of Education

  • LLED 433 (3) Drama in Education: Primary/Elementary Classrooms
  • LLED 434 (3) Drama in Education: Intermediate/Middle School through Secondary
  • LLED 440 (3) Using Canadian Children’s Literature in the Classroom
  • LLED 441 (3) Introduction to Teaching Children’s Literature
  • LLED 442 (3) Trends and Issues in Teaching Children’s Literature
  • LLED 443 (3) Teaching Folklore in the Elementary Classroom
  • LLED 444 (3) Multicultural Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom
  • LLED 445 (3) Poetry in Education: Elementary and Middle Years
  • LLED 446 (3) Teaching with Illustrated Materials: K-12: From Picture Books to Information Texts
  • LLED 449 (3) Teaching Adolescents’ Literature
  • LLED 535 (3) Theory and Research in Drama in Education
  • LLED 540 (3) Introduction to Research in the Teaching of Literature
  • LLED 541 (3) Theories and Perspectives in Teaching Literature
  • LLED 558 (3) Literacy and Multimodality
  • LLED 565A (3) Picture Books Supporting Children’s Literacy Development
  • LLED 565 (3) Exploring Cultural Themes in Aboriginal Children’s Literature
  • LLED 580 (3) Problems in Education. Guided Independent Study

School of Information, Faculty of Arts

  • LIBR 520 (3) Survey of Literature and Other Materials for Children
  • LIBR 521 (3) Contemporary Literature and Other Materials for Children
  • LIBR 522G (3) First Nations Literature and Other Materials for Children and Young Adults
  • LIBR 523 (3) Canadian Literature and Other Materials for Children
  • LIBR 524 (3) Writing, Publishing and the Book Trade for Children
  • LIBR 525 (3) Illustrated Literature and Other Materials for Children
  • LIBR 526 (3) Literature and Other Materials for Young Adults
  • LIBR 541 (3) New Media for Children and Young Adults
  • LIBR 594 (3) Directed Study

Other Related Courses

Related courses outside the four core departments are also offered, but not necessarily each year. Students need to discuss how to obtain permission to register for these courses with the Program Chair (see Faculty for contact information).

  • ANTH 332 Oral Tradition
  • EDST 455 History of Childhood and Youth
  • EDST 502 Growing Up in History: The Meanings of Childhood
  • ENG 409A Modern Critical Theories
  • EPSE 306 Education during the Adolescent Years
  • EPSE 313 Educational Application of Developmental Theories
  • FREN 420 (3) Topics in French Literature and Culture (when the topic is Children’s Literature of the French-Speaking World).
  • HIST 443 History of North American Children and Youth
  • FMST 312 Parent-Child Relationships
  • PSYC 315 Childhood and Adolescence