Degree Requirements

Incoming students should select their courses in consultation with the chair. See the Courses tab for registration and course selection processes.

Credit Distribution

The program consists of 24 credits, 9 of which cover required areas.

At least 6 of the credits for the required areas must be  500-level (i.e. graduate) courses.

The remaining 15 credits can be taken from a variety of courses related to literature and media for youth, or the student’s research project. Please consult the table below for more details.

In total, up to 6 credits may be taken at the 300 or 400 level (only 3 of which may be in the required areas); the remainder must be at the 500 level. 

A list of approved courses from previous years is supplied below, though please note that some courses may not be available in any given year. 

Categories Credits Required Course Examples

Required Areas*

Historical Overview 3

LIBR 520, LIBR 521, some sections of ENGL 392,

LLED 441

Contemporary Children’s/Young Adult Literature 3 some sections of ENGL 392, LLED 540, LLED 541, LIBR 520, LIBR 521, LIBR 526, LLED 442, LLED 449
Research Methodology 3

CHIL 500, EDUC 500, LIBR 505


Graduate courses related to children’s and young adult literature or the research project



These 15 credits of course work may be selected from the wide range of offerings available in the departments of English, French, Language and Literacy Education, the Creative Writing Program, and the School of Information; from relevant courses, with the Chair’s approval, offered elsewhere at UBC; and from approved courses offered by other institutions. Directed studies courses may also be pursued. 

If you would like to take creative writing courses, please review the procedures outlined here.

The Thesis An academic, creative, or hybrid creative thesis 6 CHIL 599
 Total Credits Required 30**  


*6 of 9 of these credits must be taken at the graduate level (500-level). In other words, up to 3 credits in this category may be taken at a 300- or 400- level. 

Transfer Credits

A maximum of 12 credits earned in courses germane to children’s literature, no more than five years prior to entry into the program, may be transferred, if approved, from another institution or another program at UBC. Transfer credit will not be accepted for a course that has been applied to another degree.

Please contact the Program Chair to confirm eligibility.